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Blue Space by Whendell
Clocktower Witch Timuna (adv) by AniaMitura
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the ballad of mona lisa by Andaelentari
Prepare For War by neverdying
Moonlight Jazz by KimmieKrazy
In to the Wild by StarsColdNight
Snow Queen by Art-Kombinat
The Twilight Shore by Aeternum-Art
Owner of depth by Vishnevetsky
Carpe Diem by kARTerina
Light Of My Day by Bojan1558
Seer by igreeny
New distination by Gry-z
All-Stars by Bojan1558
Between sky and earth by A-L-F-photoart
Behind The Veil - 1h Speededit by ParadisiacPicture
Compassion by Aegis-Illustration

Happy 14th birthday DEVIANTART!!!  fella Gift (Party) 

So, I was requested to select at least five of my favourite artworks and I knew that as far as it concerns me I could never limit to that number.
I have found myself browsing for hours all those amazing artists and stock providers as well as many informative tutorials.
It wouldn't feel fair to pick just a few pieces for this feature.
I dug my favourites folder and I hope I managed to present a little bit of beauty and inspiration.
All the above artists - and I am pretty sure many more I have omitted to add or haven't discovered yet-, deserve our appreciation and admiration for all the creativity, imagination and bliss they offered to us through their art.
I hope you enjoyed my collection. :)
Visit the galleries of all these artists and leave them a comment to express how their work makes you feel.
This is their reward.

I recently discovered these links, with free stocks for your manipulations and not only.
They are free and distributed under creative commons license.
ALL of them require attribution.
Enjoy them.


screenshots-7 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-1 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-26 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-14 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-22 by Sun-Bliss


screenshots-2 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-15 by Sun-Bliss 


screenshots-3 by Sun-Bliss


screenshots-18 by Sun-Bliss


screenshots-30 by Sun-Bliss


screenshots-19 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-5 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-29 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-17 by Sun-Bliss      


screenshots-13 by Sun-Bliss


screenshots-10 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-21 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-25 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-11 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-6 by Sun-Bliss


screenshots-8 by Sun-Bliss         


screenshots-16 by Sun-Bliss


   screenshots-20 by Sun-Bliss       


screenshots-9 by Sun-Bliss


screenshots-28 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-27 by Sun-Bliss   


screenshots-31 by Sun-Bliss


screenshots-4 by Sun-Bliss


screenshots-23 by Sun-Bliss      


screenshots-12 by Sun-Bliss


Photorack by Sun-Bliss


screenshots-24 by Sun-Bliss

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